Captain: Sam Veith ’20


Sam Veith

Thanks for taking the time to read about our lives! My name is Sam Veith, a mechanical engineering junior at Union College. Team Baja offers unique insight into the core principles of engineering: the inspiration of new ideas, designing detailed plans and constructing the (hopefully) final product. My goal is for each individual member to be inspired by their work and learn from their mistakes in a constructive environment.

In my free time, I’m often in the garage working on different cars and regretfully asking myself why I enjoy being a “grease monkey”. I am passionate about economy cars and my career goal is to join the auto industry to help optimize alternative energy for global transportation. Feel free to reach out to myself or any of our officers below if you have any questions at all.

President: Mark Solomon ’20


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Hi, I’m Mark Solomon and I am a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I first joined Baja SAE because I am a car nut. Once I met the people involved, I was hooked. It was a great way to get my hands dirty and really be able to apply my previous knowledge and things I learn in class to a real world problem. It is a great stress reliever being able to head down to the shop and just build things. Though Baja SAE is a lot of work, it is extremely rewarding being able to look at a final product and being able to say you helped build that. My freshman year, I took on the purchasing and tuning of our new Gaged Engineering CVT, along with smaller projects ranging from the CVT case to the gas system to troubleshooting our shifter problems. My goal for Dutchman Racing this year is to have a completed car early in the spring and to have a top 25 finish at competition. Last year we came close to both of those but I think with a stricter timeline we should be able to complete our build, and with our knowledge from last year’s competition we should be able to place very well. My favorite car, other than my 1991 junkyard Miata “Skip”, would have to be either a new Mustang GT350R or an R28 Skyline. Other activities I am involved in on campus is running on our Cross Country and Track teams, participating in Robotics Club, and I am in Colleges Against Cancer.

Vice President: Allison King ’19



Hi, I’m Allison King and I’m a senior majoring in mechanical engineering at Union College.  After Union, I plan on going to grad school to pursue either a master’s degree or a Ph.D in thermal fluid sciences.  I first joined baja my sophomore year after transferring into Union College.  I have always had an interest in cars.  Ever since I was little, I would always point at cars on the highway and tell my parents all about their features and specs.  Joining baja seemed like a great way to meet others with a similar interest.  Last year, I helped out with more of the management side of the team.  This included making a budget for competition, communicating with the team weekly via email updates, and taking on our social media sites.  This year, I hope to continue getting more involved on the building aspect of the car.  My goal for the team is to not only have a top-placing car, but also to have a team of best friends who are willing to put in the time to work together to train new members and complete tasks or repairs on time.  My favorite car is the second-generation Ford Explorer.  My dad gave me his old 1998 Ford Explorer the day I got my driver’s license and I fell in love.  It gave me first-hand experience in fixing cars and the signs of things going bad.  Other things I participate in on campus include being a program leader for an after school science program at the Kenney Community Center and working on researching the potential use of aerogels in automotive catalytic converters in the Aerogel lab.

Treasurer: Tyler Greenwood ’21


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My name is Tyler Greenwood, I am a Political Science major in my Sophomore year. I joined Baja in the Fall of my Freshman year because it allowed me to work on mechanical projects while at school, something I greatly missed about living at home. I quickly found that Baja had more to offer than simply wrenching on a go kart and came to enjoy the social and leadership opportunities provided through Baja Club. During my Freshman year I served as the Purchaser and I have now assumed the role of Treasurer. In addition to administrative positions, I enjoy working on physical projects as long as they don’t require math or engineering! My favorite aspect of Baja is that it allows me to practice active problem solving.

In my non-Baja life, I am most interested in off-road vehicles and motorcycles. I am the proud owner of a Third Generation Toyota 4Runner but am equally passionate about Toyotas and Land Rovers. I currently ride a Yamaha XT600 enduro bike but am interested in a plethora of vintage motorbikes of all origins. I love my vehicles to be versatile and able to go anywhere (Hence the Yota and dual sport bike) to support my other hobbies which include hiking, camping, mountain biking, kayaking, and boating.