2016 – 2017 Team

Captain: Ben Davis ’17


My name is Ben Davis, and I’m a senior mechanical engineer at Union College. I came up to the Baja Team at club expo my freshmen year and pretty much begged to do all the work they could throw at me. At the time, I was a self-educated driveway mechanic, working (often not so successfully) on my own Jeeps, ATV’s, and motorcycles, and I had dreams of building off road 4×4 vehicles as a career. I was extremely eager to learn how to cut, grind, jig, and weld raw material into something incredibly fun and unique because I didn’t have access to people who could teach me these things before, and I knew I’d use every bit of knowledge and practice I gained in my own hobbies soon after. Now that I’m a senior, and captain of the team, I essentially organize and delegate the work, as well as keep the project leaders on track. My senior practicum is a combination of entry level machining lessons from our on campus machine shop, and building the frame for the upcoming year. My overall goal for this year at competition is to have a car that can aggressively compete in every event, and to have a team of best friends who can work together at a moment’s notice to pull together a repair, from fund raising the parts money to breaking out the welder. Outside of my passion for off road vehicles, or anything else with an engine, my favorite things to do all take place out in the woods, whether its shooting cans  off a fence, or hiking up a mountain to finish reading my book at the top.

President: Arielle Singer ’18


My name is Arielle Singer and I’m a junior marketing engineering products major with a minor in digital media.  I’m not quite sure what I want to do after Union College, however I’m thinking about either doing social media and other types of marketing for a STEM related company, or pursue a career as a college admissions counselor.  I joined Baja in the fall of 2014.  After being a part of my high school’s FIRST Robotics team, I figured that Baja was going to be a larger scale robotics competition, which seemed pretty sweet to me.  On the team, I am in charge of most of the administrative stuff including organizing events and safety.  I am often called Mom because I’m essentially the team mom most of the time.  This year I’m really hoping that we can pull off an amazing car because we’ve got such a great group.  I became interested in cars when I was younger and really respect their elegance and power.  I’ve been going to my local car show every year for as long as I can remember and my favorite car is a 1960 Corvette.  Other than Baja, I am a massive theatre nut!

Vice President: David Khazen ’19

David Khazen.jpg

My name is David Khazen and I’m a sophomore mechanical engineering major.  After Union, I would love to work in the automotive engineering industry.  I joined Baja my freshman year and enjoy how it is a great example of real world engineering.  On the team, I complete mostly administrative tasks.  This includes taking minutes at meetings and sending out emails to the team.  Currently, I am the project leader of the rear frame design, leading the drive-train mounting and the gas tank positioning.  My goal for Baja this year is to have a better car and a more organized team.  It is my goal to make sure the new members learn as much as possible since many team members are graduating.  My love of cars began when I was 7 and learned how to drive.  I follow F1 racing and am mostly into Japanese sports cars.  I have a 2013 Scion FR-S but aspire to buy a Datsun 240z project in the near future.  Besides cars, I love  motorcycles and engineering design.

Treasurer: Jonathan Adsit ’17

BAJA Picture 2016.jpg

My name is Jonathan Adsit and I’m a senior economics student at Union College. After Union, I plan on earning my MBA and pursing a career in finance and management. I joined the BAJA team in the fall term of my sophomore year and I have been involved ever since. My duties as treasurer include managing project funding and finances, developing productivity solutions, and cooperating with external vendors. My favorite aspect of the team is the ability to apply financial and accounting principles in an engineering discipline. It is very exciting to witness the diversity of majors, disciplines, and personalities that foster a community within the team. Although I do not wrench on cars, I must admit I have always liked the Aston Martin DB4 – the iconic car of James Bond! Outside of the BAJA team my hobbies include rowing, skiing, traveling, and investing.